Known Issues

I cannot install the Easy Call Report app in a Team/Channel

Please ensure that you have owner permissions in the Team.

Another common issue is that the provisioning process of the app to all Teams clients is not finished yet. Please try the installation in the Teams browser client.

I don't get any call notifications

If you have configured and connected your tenant to Easy Call Report and still don't get call notifications, please wait at least 30 minutes.

If you still don't get notifications or you get notifications of one call queue and one other is missing it could be a configuration issue.

Please ensure you hit the "Connect" button in the Onboarding Wizard. Otherwise wait 24h until the connection will set up automatically.

Automatic refresh of call notifications does not work

In some tenants or some specific Teams client configurations the automatic refresh of the call notifications does not work.

Microsoft is investigating the issue. In the meanwhile it helped sometimes to re-install the Teams client.

I cannot see Teams Channel in the Configuration Center

Please check, if your account has permissions to the Team you want to assign. The Teams Administrator role is not enough. Furthermore the logged in account needs a Teams license to assign the Teams Channel.

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