Easy Call Report 2.0

Working with call queues in Microsoft Teams has never been easier than with Easy Call Report. Let's introduce features like push notifications of missed calls, call history and collaboration.

Tip: Easy Call Report now supports the tracking of answered calls as well. See all your calls in a dedicated call history of your call queue! So you will never lose a missed call again!


With Easy Call Report, we offer a simple solution to post all your missed calls in call queues directly to a Teams channel.

You can monitor any number of call queues and post the messages either all in the same channel or in different channels. In this way, you can upgrade a long-awaited feature for an affordable price and increase your efficiency at the same time.

The "Quick Action" buttons offer you a quick and easy way to carry out an action. For example, you can make a callback with just one click. If you prefer to write an e-mail, view the caller's website first or transfer the caller data to your CRM, you have the option of storing customized card layouts.

In Version 2.0, you also have the option of displaying an Easy Call Report tab in your channel. This gives you the option of displaying the call history of your Call Queue at a glance.


Easy Call Report 2.0 was developed from scratch. The time until calls are displayed as call cards has been significantly improved. The set-up process has also been considerably simplified. Installation and setup is now carried out via the dedicated Easy Platform configuration portal. For example, individual features can be switched on and off there. You can also assign call queues/auto attendants to Teams channels yourself via a convenient interface.

  • Faster call transfer (on average 15 minutes depending on Microsoft)

  • Monitoring of all calls possible, including calling plans, direct routing, Operator Connect and Teams calls

  • Easy Platform configuration portal for simple setup

  • Call cards having more information in a missed call

  • Call history of answered and missed calls in Teams tabs

  • Integration of Entra ID, Search.ch and Easy Lookup for caller identification

  • Display of people who have answered or answered the call

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