Teams Channel Configuration

Follow these steps to enable Easy Call Report in your Microsoft Teams Channel

After configuring Easy Call Report in the Easy Call Report Configuration section, you must add the Easy Call Report App to the corresponding Teams.

Example: If you have configured a call queue to be sent to the channel "Prod" in the "EasyCall Report v2" team, you must install the App in the "EasyCall Report v2" team:

The installation can be done in Microsoft Teams by the owner of the corresponding team.

Step-by-Step Guide

Click one the three

  1. Click one the three dots beside the team name and open the "Manage team" setting

  2. Click on the "Apps" tab of your team

  3. If "Easy Call Report" is NOT listed in the App list, you must install "Easy Call Report" to your team and click on "Get more apps". If "Easy Call Report" is displayed already, you are done!

  4. Select or search for "Easy Call Report" in the Teams Store and click on "Add" in the tile of the app.

  5. In the following popup you can click on "Add to a team"

  6. Choose the team where you want to install Easy Call Report and click on "Set up" Note: If you don't want to set up the call history, please click von the arrow beside the "Set up" button and select "Set up a bot".

  7. After that you should see the following screen. Just click on "Save" and you are done! If you are just setting up the bot, you will see the following success message


You are ready to receive calls in your Microsoft Teams channel now!

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