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Does Easy Call Report recognize missed calls that are forwarded to an external number?

No, calls that are forwarded to external numbers are not reported. It is not possible to determine whether the call was answered by the external number.

Does Easy Call Report recognize missed calls that are forwarded to voicemail?

Yes, Easy Call Report also reports missed calls that are forwarded to voicemail.

What happens if Microsoft delivers the required data late?

Easy Call Report requires the call records from Microsoft to determine whether a call to a call queue has been accepted or missed. In rare cases, Microsoft may publish this data in your tenant with a delay (up to 60 minutes). If Microsoft does not send a call record due to technical problems, Easy Call Record cannot process the call.

Can I see which user has completed a card?

Yes, Easy Call Report saves the user and the time as soon as the card has been completed. For answered calls, all users who have taken part in the call are displayed.

What happens when I press the "Task completed" button?

The map is closed by pressing the button. When the map is updated, the color changes from red to green and the buttons disappear. On the updated card you will still see the original information such as date, time, caller number and (if available) name. You can also see when the card was completed and who completed it. The card is updated for all team/channel members.

Can I see if a number has tried to call me several times?

Yes, Easy Call Report sends a message for each missed call so that you can see whether there is a high degree of urgency because a customer has tried to reach you several times.

Why does it sometimes take longer than 30 minutes until I receive a message?

Easy Call Report depends on how quickly Microsoft makes the call records available. Microsoft specifies an average time of 15 minutes. In rare cases, however, it can take up to 60 minutes for a call record to be made available. Easy Call Report itself works without delay and delivers the message immediately afterwards.

Are missed "internal" calls also evaluated and reported to the call queues via Teams?

Yes, the new version 2.0 of Easy Call Report can process all types of calls in Microsoft Teams.

Where is Teams Easy Call Report executed? What about data protection and compliance?

Our solution is operated 100% in Microsoft Azure. The installation is located exclusively in Microsoft's Swiss data centers (Switzerland North/West). Stored customer and telemetry data are stored in encrypted databases in Switzerland and are not directly accessible from the Internet. If you would like more information (AVV etc.), please do not hesitate to contact us.

Are there customization options for Easy Call Report?

Yes, Easy Call Report Enterprise offers a wide range of customization options. Customized maps or even a customized routing of calls can be provided. For example, the calls can be made available to your backend systems via webhook.

Does Easy Call Report also recognize missed calls outside opening hours and on public holidays?

Yes, Easy Call Report also reports missed calls that were made outside of an Auto Attendant's opening hours and on public holidays.

Does Easy Call Report also work with nested call queues?

Yes, Easy Call Report recognizes in which queue a call was picked up. If you have an escalation level and a call was only picked up in the overflow call queue, the call is not reported as missed.

Can I see on which call queue a call was missed?

Yes, the Adaptive Card shows which call queue the call was for. If your call queue is behind an auto attendant, the name of the auto attendant is displayed.

Can I see the time and date of missed calls?

Yes, the time and date are displayed on the Adaptive Card.

Can I also use Easy Call Report on my cell phone?

Yes, Easy Call Report also works on cell phones. The quick action buttons are programmed to call back directly via Teams and not via the mobile network.

What benefits do I get from Easy Call Report?

You can enjoy all the benefits of call queues without missing out on missed call notifications. Easy Call Report also simplifies the coordination of callbacks between employees. You also have a history of all accepted and missed calls for each call queue.

Is there a limit to how many call queues can be monitored?

No, you can monitor as many call queues as you like. Please note the conditions.

Can I display the name of the caller in the channel?

Yes, this is possible. Easy Call Report has various interfaces. For example, data from Search.ch, Telefonbuch.de, Entra ID and Easy Lookup (shared mailboxes) can be displayed as standard. In addition, Easy Call Report in the Enterprise version can also perform queries to almost any backend system (e.g. CRM/ERP systems) if they offer some form of interface.

How often do I receive missed call notifications in my Teams channel?

Easy Call Report sends messages as soon as Microsoft makes the call record available. We are not responsible for the data that is posted, but only present the data provided by Microsoft in the channel.

Does the monitoring of my call queues also work if they are behind an Auto Attendant?

Yes, for example, if you use opening hours and your call queue is nested behind an auto attendant, missed calls to the call queue are still recognized and reported.

Which devices is Teams Easy Call Report compatible with?

Easy Call Report is compatible with all Teams clients that support channel messages.

Do I need Easy Call Report software for Teams?

No. Easy Call Report is a cloud service and works completely without the installation of additional software. You do not need to install or configure anything on your client. (The only requirement is a Teams client and a Teams license)

What precautions do I need to take to use Easy Call Report?

You need to consider which call queue you want to monitor and to which channel the messages of each queue should go. You can either post all messages in the same channel, define a separate channel for each queue or post some queues in separate channels and others in the same channel.

Are there any other requirements?

A Teams administrator must activate our app registrations (Easy Platform Configuration Portal and Easy Call Report) and distribute our Teams app to the relevant employees who are to monitor the call queues. The administrator can make the assignments of Call Queue to Teams channel in the Configuration Portal himself. The Easy Call Report app still needs to be activated in the target team/channel.

Your call queues must also be configured in conference mode.

With which providers can I use Teams Easy Call Report?

You can choose any provider/provider. Teams Direct Routing, Operator Connect and Calling Plans from Microsoft are now supported. Internal Teams calls can also be recorded.

How am I notified of missed calls in a call queue?

Each employee can configure the channel notifications for themselves. If employees do not require active notification, the new call history can also be used to display all missed/received calls at a glance.

How does Teams Easy Call Report work?

For Easy Call Report to work, you need to activate our two Azure AD apps. This gives Easy Call Report the authorization to carry out the necessary configurations automatically and to record your call records. Clicking on "Connect" in the Configuration Center establishes the actual connection between your tenant and Easy Call Report. Only then are your calls transferred to Easy Call Report.

Are answered calls also tracked?

Yes, Easy Call Report also optionally tracks all answered calls. For each call queue, you can configure whether you only want to record missed calls or also answered calls. For answered calls, the cards are given a different design so that you can identify them quickly.

Can I also enter notes for the calls?

Yes, Easy Call Report Professional also supports a note function. Notes can be entered when closing a card.

Is the call data stored in compliance with the GDPR?

Yes, the personalized data is anonymized within the framework of the applicable GDPR rules. This means that the data can still be used for analytics/reporting, while the personal data is protected.

Do TwinCap First employees have access to customer data?

No. The Easy Call Report production environment is operated in isolation in the Easy Platform Tenant. Only service accounts that are required for the automated deployment of the solution have access to it. The database is also isolated in a separate VNET and cannot be accessed from the Internet.

Is there a possibility for reports?

Yes, Easy Call Report offers basic reports. In addition, with Easy Call Report Enterprise you can access our APIs and create your own reports (e.g. with PowerBI).

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