Become an IT-Reseller

Here is a description of how to become an IT reseller

An IT reseller is a company or individual that purchases technology products (such as software) from manufacturers or distributors and then sells them to end customers.

So that you can become an IT reseller of Easy Call Report. You must contact TwinCap First directly. You will then receive a registration link with which you can register as an IT reseller. This will give you a special NFR (Not for Resell) license with which you can manage your customers. With the NFR license you have the same functions as the Professional license

The NFR license has an expiration date of 3 months from the date of activation. As long as you are acquiring new customers, the license does not expire and is automatically renewed for one year

  1. Contact TwinCap First

  2. Open the registration link

  3. Apply your specific coupon an "Proceed to Checkout"

  1. Enter your Email address and press "Next"

  1. Enter your account details and press "Next"

  1. Enter your billing address and press "Next"

  1. Select your payment details

  1. Check your details and click on "Subscribe"

After you have ordered the NFR license you will immediately be redirected to the Easy Call Report installation wizard

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