Easy Call Report in Microsoft Teams

Where are the settings visible? Here we show you what could or has been set.

Notification bot

Note: The missed calls are usually only added after 15 minutes, as this goes through a complex process in the background so that the data is clearly correct.

Hint: If you do not want any notifications, you can deactivate this in the Configuration Center.

Call History

You can find all previous calls under "Call history".

All previous calls or only missed calls are listed here, depending on how you have set it up.

Note: At the beginning the list will be empty. Over time, you will have several entries.

You can filter by any day.

In this example, you can see several missed calls.

If you now want to display all calls, you can deactivate the filter:

Here in the example you can see all calls. In the right-hand column under "Actions", you can call the person back or if it is done, you can mark it as "answered" in green.

After calling back or marking as answered, the entries are colored green.

This prevents a person from being called back several times.

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