How to modify Easy Call Report?

A detailed app work trough.

Step 1

After you have purchased a license from us, you will be redirected to our onboarding page.

Easy Platform Configuration Portal URL:

Important: Please keep this page open until the end and do not close it!

Also see: Easy Call Report Configuration

Read the instructions carefully. You will often be redirected to a new page. Keep the onboarding page open and return to it as soon as you have given the consents. (You will not be automatically redirected back there.)

Go through steps 1 to 5 from onboarding page.

As soon as you are finished, click on "Close Wizard". You will be automatically redirected to the Easy Platform Configuration Center:

Now please log in with your authorized tenant:

Step 2

Note: Make sure you have enabled all authorizations for Microsoft Teams on our app in advance and bought the right license. If not, please go back to step 1

You can now continue to the Configuration Center: Easy Platform Configuration Center

First log in to our admin page with your tenant. Switch to Easy Call Report by clicking on the "Manage Call Queues" button or switch to "Easy Call Report" on the tab.

If you do not have enough licenses, please read the instructions "How to manage your licenses" on the next page. Else we can continue with the features and integrations.

Features and Integrations

Scroll down to "Manage Feature".

  • Analytics and Telemetry are activated by default.

  • Integrations are initially deactivated.

You can switch the setting on and off as required by clicking directly on the toggle button.

Call Queue & Auto Attendant Configuration

Note: Make sure that the app is already installed on your call queue in your Microsoft Teams.

Also see: Teams Channel Configuration

Open the select box to load a list of all available call queues.

Search for and select the call queue you want to edit and add it to the list.

You can add multiple call queues. These are listed below.

Here is an example:

To modify a call queue, open the card by clicking on the arrow on the right.

Now select a channel on which you would like to be notified or watch history. Answered calls and notifications in channels are activated by default. If you only want to receive missed calls or only want to save history without notifications, you can deactivate them. (“Deactivate notifications” will be implemented soon.)


You have now configured everything. On the next page we will show you what the settings do.

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